Farewell Fairways Disc Golf: Remembering the Legacy in Reading, UK, Now Closed


Fairways Family Disc Golf Permanently Closed

It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the permanent closure of Fairways Disc Golf Course. Despite being a beloved destination for disc golf enthusiasts and families alike, the decision to close the doors has been made due to shifting priorities of the owners.

However, all hope is not lost. A petition has been launched to save Fairways and preserve its legacy as a haven for recreation and camaraderie. Your signature can make a difference in demonstrating the community’s support for keeping Fairways open.

Additionally, in the wake of this unfortunate news, Richard Hatton of DGUK has offered valuable advice on how to support other cherished disc golf courses. Leaving positive reviews on platforms like Google, Tripadvisor, and Facebook can significantly boost exposure and attract new players, ultimately contributing to the sustainability of these courses.

Let’s come together to not only save Fairways but also ensure the longevity of other treasured disc golf destinations. Sign the petition, leave positive reviews, and let’s keep the spirit of disc golf thriving in our communities.

Is Fairways Disc Golf Course in Reading closed?

Unfortunately, yes. Fairways Disc Golf Course in Reading has closed. It’s a sad development, and there was a petition to save it. You can help prevent similar closures in the future by leaving positive reviews for disc golf courses you have played on platforms like Google, TripAdvisor, and others.

When was Fairways Family Golf Centre closed?

Fairways Family Golf Centre was closed down on Thursday, February 29th, 2024

Are there any alternative disc golf courses nearby?

Yes, Royal Berkshire Dinton Pastures in Reading, United Kingdom, is nearby and offers a disc golf course among its amenities, providing an alternative option for disc golf enthusiasts in the area.


Welcome, disc golf enthusiasts, beginners, and curious minds, to a truly unique experience nestled amidst the rolling hills of Reading, UK. Fairways Family Golf Centre, a haven for golfing adventures, welcomed players of all skill levels to embrace the thrill of sending discs soaring through the air. Whether you’re a seasoned disc golfer or a newcomer to this captivating sport, Fairways promised a day of camaraderie and scenic vistas.

Fairways Family Disc Golf Course in Reading is now closed

The First Impressions

As I strolled onto the verdant expanse of Fairways Family Golf Centre, I was greeted by the gentle rustle of leaves and the distant chirping of birds. The sky above was painted a vibrant blue, promising a day of dry and fairly breezy conditions—a disc golfer’s dream. Accompanied by friends new to the world of disc golf, we opted for the family tees, a fitting choice for beginners. And oh, did we get a warm (and amusing) welcome from some stag party-goers playing ball-golf there! They playfully teased us about “forgetting our clubs,” clearly unaware of the incredible joys of golfing with discs. Little did they know, right?

Course Highlights

Fairways Family Golf Centre boasted a layout that seamlessly interweaved disc golf with traditional golf and foot golf—a testament to the spirit of coexistence. The shared course was a refreshing approach, allowing enthusiasts of different disciplines to mingle harmoniously. The reception was warm, and the lady at the front desk was exceptionally friendly, enthusiastic and informative, setting the tone for our day ahead.

Favorite and Challenging Holes

Among the array of engaging holes, one that caught my attention was Hole 6. Tailor-made for right-handed backhand throwers, the basket beckons enticingly. Yet, the perilous dance with brambles on the right and a lurking tree on the left adds a delicious layer of challenge. Conversely, Hole 8 posed an intricate test. Whether you favor a left or right-handed throw, this hole’s tricky tree placemat posed a challenge.

Wildlife and Natural Splendor

As we navigated the course, nature greeted us at every turn. Buzzards soared overhead, pied woodpeckers danced in the trees, and dragonflies painted the air with vibrant hues. The backdrop of galloping horses and panoramic views of Oxfordshire’s fields lent an enchanting aura to the experience, proving that disc golf is not just a sport—it’s a journey through nature’s gallery.

Course Maintenance and Facilities

Fairways Family Golf Centre exceeded expectations when it came to course maintenance. The fairways and greens were meticulously cared for, a testament to the dedication of the staff. The use of artificial grass tees, complemented by elevation changes and strategically placed trees, added a touch of elegance to the course’s aesthetics.

The Challenge of Elevation and Shot Variety

What truly set Fairways apart was its clever use of elevation changes and natural obstacles. The course forced players to embrace a variety of shot shapes and adapt to changing terrain.

A Glimpse of Improvements

While Fairways Family Golf Centre was a gem, there’s always room for growth. Certain more seasoned players may have felt that the layout lacked a sense of risk and reward, and there was little in the way of OB to elevate the challenge. Nonetheless, the course offered a mix of open expanses and wooded sections, striking a balance that accommodated varying playing styles.

Join the Adventure

Recall the memorable event of the UK Women’s Disc Golf Championships 2023, which took place on September 16th. This event celebrated the spirit of unity and growth within the world of disc golf, with Fairways Family Golf Centre’s course serving as a beacon of inclusivity. Enthusiasts gathered to share, learn, and revel in the game’s joys

Fairways Family Golf Centre in Reading, UK, was more than just a disc golf course—it was a gateway to an unforgettable journey. With its harmonious fusion of disc golf, traditional golf, and foot golf, along with its breathtaking vistas and unexpected encounters, Fairways offered a unique blend of challenges and delights. So, whether you’re a seasoned disc golfer, a newcomer with curious eyes, or simply seeking a new adventure, Fairways eagerly awaited to share its treasures with you. You could have joined the camaraderie, embraced the landscapes, and let your discs take flight in a place where sport and nature dance hand in hand.

Feel free to share your thoughts, questions, and memories in the comments. Have you visited Fairways Family Golf Centre or are you trying to keep it open it? Let’s keep the discourse vibrant and the camaraderie strong within the disc golf community. Until next time, keep those discs soaring and the chains ringing!

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