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United Kingdom
Date   Event Course
15 February 2003
16 February 2003
England Frostbreaker
TD: Toby Green

British Tour
Contact:  # Toby Green
15 March 2003
16 March 2003
England BDGA Doubles Matchplay
TD: Richard Sampson
Contact:  # Richard Sampson
05 April 2003
06 April 2003
England Bristol
TD: Miles Clark

British Tour
Contact:  # Miles Clarke
03 May 2003
04 May 2003
Scotland Scottish Open
TD: Guy Bolton

British Tour
Contact:  Guy Bolton 
17 May 2003
18 May 2003
England BDGA Singles Handicap
TD: Derek Robins
Leamington Spa
Contact:  # Derek Robins
31 May 2003
01 June 2003
England Essex Special
TD: Andy Lucey

British Tour
Contact:  # Simon Luard
07 June 2003
08 June 2003
Scotland The Seaforth Classic
TD: Donald Ross

British Tour
14 June 2003
15 June 2003
England Green Park Open
TD: Richard Sampson

British Tour
Contact:  # Richard Sampson
05 July 2003
06 July 2003
England The British Open
TD: Billy Ault

British Tour
Euro Tour South
Hayling Island
Contact:  # Dan Massey
19 July 2003
20 July 2003
England Quarry Park Open
TD: Derek Robins

British Tour
Leamington Spa
Contact:  # Derek Robins
31 July 2003
03 August 2003
England European Disc Golf Championships
TD: British Disc Golf Association
Contact:  # Toby Green
23 August 2003
24 August 2003
Scotland Caledonain Open
TD: Liam Young

British Tour
Contact:  # Liam Young
20 September 2003
21 September 2003
England Autumnal Equinox
TD: Gary Villiers Stuart

British Tour
Contact:  # Oran Villiers-Stuart
04 October 2003
05 October 2003
England Team Event
TD: Derek Robins
Leamington Spa
Contact:  # Derek Robins
18 October 2003
19 October 2003
England Oxdisc Open
TD: Bud Tilton

British Tour
Contact:  Bud Tilton 
08 November 2003
09 November 2003
England BDGA Singles Matchplay
TD: Bruce Webber
Contact:  # Bruce Webber

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