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What is disc golf?
Disc golf shares the joys and frustrations of traditional golf. Instead of using clubs to putt balls into holes, you throw specially designed flying discs, similar to Frisbees® at baskets or natural objects, such as trees or posts. The objective is to take as few shots as possible over a course of 18 different targets. A disc golf target
Trees and shrubs act as natural bunkers

Trees and shrubs act as natural bunkers and terrain changes make the game more challenging. Ideally, you have two or three different discs (under �10 each) to negotiate your way around these obstacles to hit the designated target.

Different discs have different flight characteristics, which are necessary for the wide variety of shots needed during a round. For example; some discs fly fast and long, others slow and straight, some turn left, some turn right and don’t forget your favourite putting disc!


It’s great fun

It’s easy to learn yet skilful

All ages and both sexes can play

Healthy, outdoor activity

You can play anywhere

It’s cheap to play

Challenging, unusual, dynamic and exciting

Any one can play

Everyone can play!


We have currently 22 courses listed in the UK , although there are numerous unofficial courses regularly played throughout the country. You can simply design your own course in your local park, school playing field, beach or open space. It’s as easy as that!

There are disc golf courses in.....

Aylesbury - Beaminster - Bristol - Colchester - Crieff - Edinburgh - Fife - Greenford - Hayling Island - Inverness - Leamington Spa - London - Malvern - Mull - Oxford - Sheffield - St Andrews - Ullapool - Whitfield -

More courses are being added all the time.

Design your own!

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Tournaments and Competitions

The British Disc Golf Association organise the British Tour where players compete to accumulate points from monthly tournaments between March and September. New players are welcomed and encouraged to participate amongst the experienced players. Highlights of the tour include the Scottish Open on the picturesque island of Mull and the British Open, which is featured on the European Tour, attracting players from all over the world.

Disc Golf on Mull Scot;land  Promoting disc golf

Over 400 disc golf courses exist in the USA, most in public parks. There are also courses in Canada, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden , Finland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway and the UK.


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