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Disclaimer: Nostalgia and Historical Purposes Only. Welcome to our "Old Disc Golf Websites" section! Here, we proudly present information from disc golf websites from the early 2000s, purely for nostalgic and historical purposes. Please note that the content may be outdated, inaccurate, or not reflective of the current state of disc golf. For reliable, up-to-date information, explore other sections of our website or refer to trusted modern sources. Embrace the past while looking forward to the future of this amazing sport.

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webBONGO was London's first Disc Golf web site back in 1997. The capital's top disc golf club are looking to spread the word about the sport of disc golf with our web site.

Frank Bongo

Bongos DSC est 1996
Disc golf shares the joys and frustrations of traditional golf. Instead of using clubs to putt balls into holes, you throw specially designed flying discs, similar to Frisbees´┐Ż at baskets or natural objects, such as trees or posts. more..  
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German Open    Tuesday 1st August 2000

MEMMINGEN, GERMANY - 19.08.-20.08.2000

TV Coverage For British Open    Saturday 1st July 2000
Two independent television production companies brought their cameras down to cover the British Open.
Great Britain
Great Britain
Deepend Take Up The Challenge    Saturday 10th June 2000
Leading UK Multi-Media Company borrow basket for disc golf during their weel earned tea breaks.
More media interest    Thursday 1st June 2000
Disc golf in the Express
Great Britain
Great Britain
Culture Clash Cancelled    Thursday 1st June 2000
The tournament director for the Culture Clash has has been forced to cancel.. This eagerly awaited USA v Europe encounter was planned for July 2000 in Hoteng, Sweden.
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