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Sweden  Culture Clash Cancelled
Thursday 1st June

Culture Clash Cancelled June2000

The tournament director for the Culture Clash has has been forced
to cancel.. This eagerly awaited USA v Europe encounter was planned
for July 2000 in Hoteng, Sweden.

We were forwarded the following email from the Tournament Director,
Fredrik K�llstr�m of Sweden.

"Hi everybody! It is with sadness I have to tell you that
this year�s edition of the Culture Clash will be cancelled. So far
there are only two registered americans, and the minimum is around
twelve for an exciting Culture Clash. There were a few options.
The first was to play it anyway to keep the tradition with two years
between each CC. And in that case the americans would lose about
ten matches on walk over and compete in the last two. That is not
a good solution for anyone, I think. The second solution was to
change the format to Sweden against the rest of the world, but that
would change the original idea of the CC. So that is not a good
solution either. The third soltion was to cancel CC this year and
have someone else to arrange it when the interest is higher. Derek
Robins told us that he maybe is able to arrange it next year instead.
Maybe that is the best solution. The tournament in Hoting will be
played anyway as it is one of the six tournaments in the swedish
tour. Also the one in Stockholm the weekend after.

What have we learned of this? It is very hard to get some americans
to leave the supertour in the states and travel across the ocean.
This CC was to be held four weeks before the worlds, i e there will
be plenty of time from the CC till the worlds. Enought time? I think
so. Is it better to have it in September after the worlds? Maybe
that is the best time to have any americans over. But since there
are supertour events almost the whole year, the schedule will never
be clean from supertours. Maybe if the CC organizer "takes" two
weekends, that will be clean from supertours. Of course that will
be a cooperation between the CC organizer and the supertour organizer.
THAT I think is the best way to do it.

At last I want to thank everyone that has helped me with info, logos
and organizing clues. It wasn�t enough this time, but maybe sometime
in the future there will be a comeback.

Best Regards, Fredrik K�llstr�m

P.S Tell everyone that want to be told about this cancellation.

If you'd like to comment on ideas for the rescheduled Culture Clash
email Fredrik
or/and Derek

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