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Wednesday 28th February

disctv debuts March 17, 2001 as the first subscriber-based, made-for-internet, sports tv programming.

XFL, SchmexFL. It�s more of the same ol� sports for television. disctv offers sports fans a real alternative in a format that takes full advantage of cutting-edge distribution technology with coverage of what forward-thinking folks are calling the �New Millenium Game�, Disc Golf.

What is Disc Golf? Using discs that are based on the original Frizbee design, players drive from tee-pads and aim for targets known as �pole-holes�. Like ball-golf, the low score wins. That�s where the resemblance ends. Combining strength, flexibility, endurance, eye-hand coordination, depth of vision, years of training, sophisticated strategy and tactics and a basic understanding of physics and aerodynamics, Disc Golfers throw in mountainous terrain, deserts, swamps, forests in weather ranging from 20 below snow( no whimps, no whiners) to 110 degree sand. Disc Golf is anytime, anyplace, any weather.

Host Brian Sullivan brings an evangelistic fervor and total knowledge of the game and the top players through his long years as a player and as webmaster of Disc Golf�s premier web-site, Disclife.com. �It�s Disc Golf time and if the major sports network�s can�t see it we�ll bring the game to the people however we can,� Sullivan states. �500,000 active players in the United States alone without a spec of tv coverage, Disc Golf�s addition as a medal sport in the World Games this summer and that fabulous �ching� as disc greets pole-hole chains. Nuf said.�

disctv is one of the first to utilize the windows player version 8 encoding technology and it shows. 56k streams that stay in �sync� and broadband streams that approach vhs quailty. �As our subscriber base expands we will offer higher resolution streams and if all goes well you could see 300-500kbps by the end of the season,� co-producer Leo Borowski explains.

�We will have full-motion video news reports with stats and interviews within 4 hours of the end of tournament play on Saturday and Sunday that anybody in the world can access. It�s a whole new game,� added partner John Sink.

Paying for hundreds of channels you never use is over. disctvonline.com is changing the rules for new media with a focused, target of true disc-golf fans.

Disctv will offer 20 minutes of disc golf coverage weekly spread over 5 nights. Saturday and Sunday�s reports will focus on results and highlights from each day�s action. Monday will bring Serious Steve�s tips for shots from the mild to the wild and the �Course-walk�. Tuesday�s segment will be an in-depth interview with the disc golf�s best and most interesting and every Wednesday Brian Sullivan will do the weekly disc golf rap-up.

At only 36 cents a segment or $1.81 a week when you sign up for the season, disctv brings the best in disc golf to the world including coverage of almost every SuperTour event, the Worlds and of course, the World Games in Akita Japan, where disc golf is a medal sport for the first time. Download and archive the high-resolution streams in a highly stable, digital format for your personal viewing forever. Now that�s entertainment.

For more information about disctv visit their web site at www. Disctvonline.com, view the preview, and get a front row seat for SuperTour 2001, the �Year of the Disc�

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